Nordic Chess Championship for girls: Final standings

The 2018 Nordic chess championship for girls has come to an end after an exciting final round.

In group A Norway’s Hanna B. Kyrjebo clinched the title with an uneventful draw in the last round against fellow Norwegian Ingrid Greibrokk. Hanna scored 4 out of 5. In second place with 3 points was Brandy Paltzer from Sweden and in third place was Iceland’s Veronika Steinunn Magnúsdóttir with 2 1/2. She was tied with three other players, Marte Kyrkjebo, Louise Westin and Ingrid Greibrokk but Veronika had the best tiebreak score.

In group B the excitment was intense. Before the last round Denmark’s Nienke Van Den Brink was the sole leader with 3 1/2 followed by no less than four players with 2 1/2. Nienkes tragic loss on time in the final round allowed her competitors to catch up with her resulting in a rare situation – five players were tied at the top! Those were Nansý Davíðsdóttir from Iceland, Sarabella Norlamo from Finland, Nienke Van Den Brink from Denmark, Margarita Zaritovskaja from Sweden and Ingrid Skaslien from Norway. Nansý had the best tiebreak score and was crowned the Nordic chess champion. Sarabella came in second place followed by Nienke in third place.

Group C was equally exciting. Before the last round Linnea Johansson-Ohman lead the group with 3 1/2 out of 4. Right behind her were four players on 3 out of 4 – Amelia Nordquelle from Norway Alva Ling Tran from Sweden and Batel Goitom Haile and Freyja Birkisdóttir from Iceland. Linnea lost in the final round to Amelia, Freyja lost her game to Linnea Tryggestad from Norway and Batel beat Alva. That meant that Amelia and Batel were tied in 1st place and with Amelia having the better tiebreak score she was the 2018 Nordic chess champion. Batel got second place and Linnea Johansson-Ohman third.

The Icelandic Chess Federation would like to thank all the participants and accompanying persons who joined us at the tournament. We hope you liked your stay in Iceland!